Share Your Networked Self

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Who Should Participate?
We welcome members of the Student Affairs and/or Higher Education Community who engage in professional and/or personal development using digital tools and/or social media platforms. This includes graduate students, professional staff, senior administrators, and/or scholar-practitioners who are part of the post-secondary sector who affiliate with a Networked Community of Practice (#NetworkedCoP). Please see “The Research Context” page of this website for more details, and please share with other professionals who can help us gather insights into practices and habits about networked communities in higher education and student affairs.

Please fill out this form to indicate your availability for participation in this portion of the research study. For this phase of our investigation, we are interested in understanding more of your digital, networked self, which might include reviewing your digital presence on social media and other online platforms. If you are NOT online, professionally and only use social networks, digital tools, or more personally — we want to hear from you as well!

For this phase of the research, you may potentially be invited for one (1) interview lasting approximately 45-60 minutes in duration. During our interviews, we will ask participants to reflect on networked practices in online digital communities, inquire about your observations of these communities, ask about your interactions and contributions in the network, and discuss issues related to professional identity and professional influence in online spaces. OR tell us why you are not online or networked with your professional peers.

Additionally, if you have not already completed Part I of the research, we would appreciate your contributions to our online survey:

This research project is being conducted by Dr. Paul Eaton (Sam Houston State University) and Dr. Laura Pasquini (University of North Texas) and has been approved by the SHSU Institutional Review Board (#30423) and the UNT Institutional Review Board (#16-310). [IRB: IRB 16-310 Pasquini Continuation Approval Letter 2018-2019]